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Once you receive the email confirmation that your items are ready, you have 7 days to pick them up in-store.

Pickup in store

You must present a photo ID and a copy of the confirmation email stating that the order is ready for pickup.

No merchandise will be released unless these conditions are met.

Limitation of liability

Please note that the information presented on www.portesetmouluresdepot.com reflects the data available to the company at the time the website content was created. The information found there is the best we could gather on all the topics covered. Despite all the care taken by Portes et Moulures Depot in this aspect of the site, errors may have occured.

The Portes et Moulures Depot website and the information it contains are provided without any warranty, either implied or explicit. For an accurate description of the product, please refer to the text appearing in the product description of the illustrated item.

Portes et Moulures Dépôt reserves the right to cancel a web order at any time and without notice.


Portes et Moulures Depot cannot guarantee that these products will be available at all times. Despite the care taken by Portes et Moulures Depot, errors may occur. In the event of a pricing or product availability error, it will be corrected in our system as soon as possible. Some products may differ from the image shown in the detailed product description on the website. Portes et Moulures Depot will not be held responsible for stock shortages or delays in supply.

Price policy

Portes et Moulures Depot reserves the right to change the prices of items advertised through its website at any time and without notice. All prices displayed on the website are in Canadian dollars and are for informational purposes only. Prices of items advertised on the Portes et Moulures Dépôt website may differ from prices displayed in different stores for the same items. Prices for the same items may also vary from store to store. Additional fees may also apply in-store.

Payment methode / online purchase

You can pay for your online purchases with MasterCard or Visa credit cards by entering the cardholder’s name and the billing address as it appears on the account statement during the online checkout process. For credit card purchases, the information is transmitted via SSL to Paysafe for authorization. PCI standards will be adhered to. Portes et Moulures Depot reserves the right to verify the validity of the transaction with the cardholder. When you buy online, the full payment for your purchase is charged at the time you place the order. Federal and provincial taxes are calculated according to the rate in effect at the time of purchase. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Order cancellation policy

To cancel a purchase made through the Portes et Moulures Dépôt website, simply contact the store you selected during your purchase on the open hours. Please have your order number mentioned in the email with you. Portes et Moulures Depot reserves the right to cancel a web purchase at any time before the item is picked up in-store or shipped, without prior notice.

Legal warranty

The Consumer Protection Act grants a guarantee on all goods that you buy or rent from a merchant. The property must be able to be used: for the use for which it is normally intended (section 37 of the Act); for normal use for a reasonable period of time, which may vary depending on the price paid, the contract and the conditions of use (article 38 of the Law). For more information on this legal guarantee, consult the Consumer Protection Office website at www.opc.gouv.qc .ca.

Transaction security

All information you submit on this website is processed through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system. When you visit a secure page, your browser will display a message indicating that the document you requested is protected, and that the information you submit on this page is encrypted to ensure its confidentiality; the address of this page will begin with “https.” During an online purchase, the payment page is sent to Optimal Payments Plc’s verification service, so Portes et Moulures Dépôt does not store the submitted banking information in its systems. While we use industry-standard means to protect our website and your personal information, the internet is not a completely secure environment. The measures we implement are appropriate for the type of information we collect. However, we cannot guarantee that your use of our website will be completely secure. We encourage you to exercise caution when using the internet.

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